Letter: Morinville Centennial Community Gardens Society needs your votes

We are very excited to start Phase 3 at our Champlain Park Garden Site this year. The entire project will encompass beauty, community, and accessibility with a gazebo, wheelchair accessible paths, wheelchair accessible raised garden boxes and a native plant area. This project will provide something for every member of the community to enjoy.

To make our vision come to life, we need your help. As a part of our fundraising, we have entered a contest to win a $15,000 grant through the Nature’s Path Gardens for Good grant contest. If we win, this money will help fund Phase 3. All we ask is that everyone go online and through the Nature’s Path website, vote for our group.


Vote daily and vote often until July 4 (you can vote more than once).‬ There is no limit to how many times you can vote. There are only picking three winners in all of the US and Canada so we need all the support we can get. If everyone in Morinville votes three times every day that would be almost 30,000 votes.

Let’s show everyone our spirit and support for the Morinville Centennial Community Gardens Society!


Thanks and keep growing!

-The MCCGS executive and members

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  1. Well done gang!!

    Going after grants instead of begging for more of our tax $$ is a wonderful way to get the cash you need…

    I have NO problem supporting ANY organization which works to support itself. With any amount of luck we can get the same kind of response we garnered with the ‘Kraft Hockeyville’ deal.


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