Vet clinic offering innovative option for proper animal care

Above: Veterinarian Kelli Kinsman and Practice Manager Elyse Prince pose with a furry friend in front of the Optimum Care Program poster.

by Stephen Dafoe

Good preventive health care for pets makes a big difference in their lives, according to the staff of the Morinville Veterinary Clinic. The clinic recently launched its Optimum Care program, a group of preventive health plans designed to keep pets healthy through important routine care, reducing the risk of disease by detecting any issues early on, and reducing the cost of pet ownership by spreading those costs over 12 months.

Veterinarian Kelli Kinsman sees the initiative as an important one for the clinic and the animals they care for.
“It is an important initiative in that it helps spread out that cost for overall wellness care,” she said. “You are not having to pay a huge lump sum at one time.”

By way of example, Kinsman said the Optimum Care Enhanced Puppy Package includes Five no-charge office visits, routine puppy vaccination series, nail trimming, dewormings for roundworms and hookworms, and nutritional consultation. Additional items include training and behaviour consultation, growth/body condition monitoring, spay or neuter pre-anesthetic blood work, spaying or neutering, and discounts on additional products and services.
Similar service packages are available for adult and senior dogs and felines at all stages of life.

“For lots of us, having a big lump sum becomes difficult,” Kinsman said. “This allows people to spread out the cost of some of that care. That general care – if you have a problem – you are not afraid to take it to the vet. Now you know, you already have your five exams included in that price.”

Kinsman said pet owners want the best they can for their animal, but often find themselves in a financial constraint. The Optimum Care Program helps alleviate some of the costs by spreading it out.

With five clinical visits included, Kinsman said it was the perfect opportunity for pet owners to stay ahead of their cat or dog’s health, particularly in the senior years.

“Instead of doing a yearly check-up, it can be done more frequently,” she said. “We can check on dental disease. We’re checking for weight loss or weight gain. What is their hair coat like? What are their mobility issues? Are they stiff? Are they soar? We can maybe get ahead of some of these processes.”

Kinsman said because blood work is included in the adult packages, people are more willing to establish a baseline as a preventative measure.

“We can catch things earlier rather than later,” Kinsman said.

Programs are available for young, adult and senior cats and dogs. Professional association regulations do not allow vet clinics to advertise their prices. For more information visit the Morinville Veterinary Clinic at 9804 90 Avenue in Morinville, call 780-939-3133, or visit them online at

The Morinville Vet Clinic will hold a launch party/microchip day from 2 to 7 p.m. on Friday, June 24.

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