Edmonton RCMP charge Morinville parents in death of child

submitted by RCMP

Morinville, Alta. – The parents of a toddler who drowned in a pond in The Lakes neighbourhood of Morinville, on July 25, 2015, now face a criminal charge in relation to the death of their two-and-half-year-old daughter. The child was not under adult supervision at the time of her drowning.

Trevor MacDonald, aged 42 and Robin MacDonald, aged 36, both of Morinville, have been jointly charged with one count of Failing to Provide the Necessaries of Life (Sec. 215(2) of the Criminal Code) in relation to their daughter’s death. They are scheduled to appear in Morinville Provincial Court on Thursday, August 4, 2016.

Given that this matter is now before the courts, the RCMP cannot provide further comment on this investigation.

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  1. This story shoulnt ever happened ! Its sad to hear,.. Myself, i do have a 3 years old, and i can not imagine to loose her ! Sorry for the parents,..

    • Youre an asshat! Youre a perfect parent, right? Accidents and mistakes will never happen to you, right? Omg..I cant even! You should probably delete your comment. Its rude and oblivious!

  2. It’s so sad that the police are dragging these parents through the mud! To charge them with not supplying the necessities of life is absolutely disgusting…there are drug dealers, murderers and thieves running around but they chose to do they unthinkable to the ones that don’t deserve it!

  3. instead they should help the parents in situation of sadness.

  4. i am appealing to Police Edmonton to give care and support for the Parents.

  5. They have already suffered consequences for an unfortunate tragedy. Why put them through even more than they have been? Is this necessary? There are criminals who are a danger to society that they could focus their attention on, but they aren’t such an easy target.

  6. It’s so upsetting to see this is happening. I hope our community can rally around them to ensure that they know we support parents! It could have happened to any one of us.

  7. The government let murderers, arsonists, etc slip through the system yet this is what they find criminally offensive? Such a shame. I am so sorry for the parents. The parents have already been through enough.

  8. Perhaps I’m missing something, and there is more to this story than we are hearing…
    If that is not the case tho, we aren’t talking about a child left in a hot car, or a toddler left without food while the parents got high, or a kid who is being beaten… all of these things happen everyday, and the RCMP should stop being complete douche canoes and start doing real police work, instead of wasting our money making these parents re-live an ACCIDENT.
    This is what leads to a society of helicopter parents and victimization. I don’t see any charges in the alligator death… because it was a tragic ACCIDENT.
    SHAME on the RCMP and the prosecutors responsible for this, if there is anything criminal about this case, it’s them.

  9. You know what, I’m not done.
    These are two parents who went home that night, and had no toddler to tuck into bed.
    Nothing but a stuffy and a blanket where their child should have been.
    They had a town rally around them in sympathy, as it should be. This was your child, and my child, and we all felt a small fraction of the grief the parents felt.
    It’s real easy to sit behind a keyboard or an RCMP badge and place ‘blame’, but tragedies and accidents happen. As a community, we need to be supportive in whatever way we can, not look at our monitors and say “well I never would have…”. Because you know what, you have accidents too, perhaps you got an unlucky dice roll, perhaps not.

    If the RCMP could go to that little girls funeral, look at that tiny coffin and the grieving family beside it, look the mother in the eyes and lay the blame at her feet and still sleep at night, then maybe charges are needed.
    If not, and this was an accident and they are insulting an entire grieving community, then the person responsible for this decision needs to take a good look in the mirror and decide what kind of human they want to be. You signed up to put criminals in jail, but look at you now, thrusting a knife into the heart of a grieving mother. For shame.

  10. To much pain for them,
    they try to suffer the parents as well.

  11. To the Parents,
    Have faith, hope, and strong.
    In all trials and tremendous experience in life, God will bless you.
    He will protect you.

  12. I will wait for all the information to come out before I reserve judgement either for or against these charges. I only hope that this can proceed to trail fairly quickly so that both sides don’t have to wait an enternity to bring closure to this tragic situation.

  13. Really what about the other parents who were there and those kids why aren’t they getting charged and really its sad to her that she passed away but maybe the parents should be looking after there kids then sending there youngest kids to take them common sense if you ask me

  14. I just really hope with all my heart that this family has found a good psychologist to help the child who was incharge of watching the younger child. I can’t even imagine what the death has done to her and the incredible guilt she has to live with, when it never should have been her responsibility to look after a toddler in an unsupervised area in the first place.

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