Province expanding Green Trip to align with federal program

by Morinville News Staff

The federal government announced the first phase of its Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF) recently – a $3.4-billion investment over three years, beginning in 2016. PTIF will support municipal transit projects across the country. Based on existing transit usage, the province’s share of that fund is more than $347 million.

The Government of Alberta is expanding its Green Transit Incentives Program (GreenTRIP) to qualify for all eligible PTIF projects.

The province says expanding GreenTRIP eligibility to align with the federal program will help Alberta municipalities get maximum support from both GreenTRIP and PTIF.

“By collaborating with both our federal and municipal partners, we are ensuring Albertans are getting the most out of our transit investments and creating much-needed local jobs,” said Minister of Alberta Transportation and Infrastructure Brian Mason in a release Wednesday. “We are committed to building sustainable, accessible and affordable public transit that will help Albertans get to where they need to go.”

Examples of eligible projects under the province’s expanded offering include:

Refurbishment or replacement of existing transit vehicles;
Replacement or enhancement of transit stations;
Support for asset management capacity;
Projects for transit system expansion; and,
Support for design and planning of future expansion and improvements to public transit systems, including:
transportation demand management measures and studies; and,
pilot projects related to innovative and transformative technologies.

GreenTRIP application forms are available on Alberta Transportation’s website. The submission deadline is Aug. 31.

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