Morinville has 9,893 people according to completed municipal census

Morinville from above – MCTV Photo

by Tristan Turner
Morinville News Correspondent

Council has received a final report on the 2016 Morinville Municipal Census, revealing there are 9,893 residents living in Morinville. The report was given by Morinville’s Legislative Officer Jennifer Maskoske, at Council’s last meeting before their summer break.

This means Town said hello to nearly 500 new residents (491) over the last two years. Maskoske thanked residents for cooperating with the Town during this census, despite the simultaneous federal census during the project period from Apr. 1st until June 30.

The project set the Town back around $10,000 to complete according to Maskoske, but Councilor Stephen Dafoe felt the cost was well worth it, commenting that this could lead to more than $600,000 in new grant money from both the provincial and federal government in 2017.

Here’s the report by the numbers:

• Morinville gained 491 people since 2014 when the population was 9,402

• Morinville’s largest age demographic bump was amongst Morinvillians aged 55 to 65, with 189 new residents in this category.

• More Morinville residents work in Edmonton than in Town, with a third of residents working in the capital, and nearly a quarter working in town.

• Morinville saw a 5 per cent growth since the last census in 2014, or 2.5% growth per year

• This shows growth has slowed slightly in town with 898 residents joining from 2011 to 2014. This is about 300 people per year, compared to about 250 in the last two years.

• Morinville has grown 16 per cent in 5 years, going from 8,504 residents to 9,893.

• Morinville has added nearly another half of itself in a decade, increasing its population by 48 per cent since 2006.

• Morinville is just short of legally being able to become a city, which requires 10,000 residents.

• Half of Morinville’s residents completed the census online this year.

Update – the actual per resident increase in federal and provincial grants is $300 per person, resulting in roughly $147,300 in grant monies.

The breakdown per capita is roughly as follows:

Federal Gas Tax $54 per resident
MSI Operational $08 per resident
MSI Transportation $60 per resident
MSI Capital $79 per Resident (additional funding is based on area, roads, etc.)
Policing $40 per resident
FCSS $20 per resident
Library $6 per resident (passed on to Library)

Total $267 per resident

Total revenue expected from population increase is 491 X $131,097.

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