Letter: Cultural Centre appreciative of Hip fans


I had plans Saturday evening to get up on stage and thank the many Tragically Hip fans that joined us for the Morinville Community Cultural Centre’s live simulcast presentation of the Tragically Hip concert from Kingston, Ontario.

We ran the concert countdown clock and tuned into the CBC radio preshow 30 minutes before show time, and there was no real opportunity to cut in and say a few words. The radio pre-show offered up sound bites from the band and well-thought out words from Canadians about the influence and importance of this great Canadian band.

In some ways, my saying a few words would have been redundant because I had the pleasure to welcome everyone individually as they arrived. In each encounter, we had a chance to share what seems to be a very consistent sentiment about the relevance of this iconic band and the value of their music as inspiration and soundtrack during memorable times in our lives.

We are inspired by lead singer and lyricist Gord Downie’s message in a recent interview, “You write about what you know. And I love this country. I love my idea of this country…where I go, and the people I’ve met, underlying everything is that commitment to finding the common good.”
Music is the great equalizer and has the power to bring us together. On an evening of celebration here at the MCCC, it was my pleasure to meet and share a moment with so many passionate Hip fans. Thanks for being here.

Shaun Peters
Events and Culture Coordinator
Community Services, Town of Morinville

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