Letter: Resident concerned over old power pole

web-polesDear Editor:

This is a warning for anyone who walks along the railroad tracks with their dogs to get to Heritage Lake, Please be careful of the falling telegraph poles and cables hidden in the long grass.

On June 3rd, a wind storm broke a telegraph pole along the railroad tracks. I immediately phoned the Town of Morinville Public Works office to report it. They were not aware of the lines and said it was not their property, so referred me to Fortis or CN Rail. I found the numbers, made the calls, and found out that these are obsolete telegraph lines, owned by CN Rail, that have not served a purpose in many years. That same day, a Town employee (I believe) was mowing along the tracks and appeared to get caught up in the wire. He neatly wrapped up the wire and set it off to the side. I had hoped that all my phone calls would prove effective, but it appears not. One of the leaning poles is now slowly falling apart, and I am sure that the many dogs that run up and down my fence have been tripped up more than once. I contacted the Town of Morinville administration again mid-August to ask if they had heard anything about the broken and fallen poles being removed, along with the wires. I was again told that I would need to make the calls to CN for answers, as this is not their property. I spoke to three different people at CN and was told they are on looking into it. I have done my due diligence, I have made the calls, but the danger remains, so watch your step.

– Concerned resident
(name withheld at writer’s request)

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