Council approves new Westwinds Catholic School site following empty public hearing

by Tristan Turner
Morinville News Correspondent

Morinville will be going ahead with its second in progress school this year, following a motion by council to approve the site of a new Catholic Elementary School in Town.

After a brief public hearing with no comments from the public, Council unanimously passed 2nd and 3rd reading on a bylaw required to move forward with the new Catholic School in Morinville. The new site is within the upcoming Westwinds development, south of the railway crossing along 100 Street and North of No Frills. This new development was originally expected to go ahead as a commercial area without a school, but following this amendment to the Area Structure Plan, the province can go ahead with the construction of a Catholic Elementary School.

The site is supported by the Greater St. Albert Catholic School District, who had Board Chair Noreen Radford on hand during the meeting. The board and the developer Landrex both supported the changes and the new development. With no correspondence or public concerns noted, Council unanimously passed both readings rapidly.

Council had no debate or comments on the motion, but applauded the school board, the developer and the Town for getting a new school site selected and approved as part of the larger development. Timelines on the construction of the school now rest with the province and the Ministry of Education, who are currently working on over 200 new school projects province-wide.

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Residents can review the site plan, which includes a storm water maintenance facility and planned access from 100 Street, on the Town’s website within the Aug. 30 council agenda package.

Prior to the summer break, Council approved the location of the new public middle school, which will be located along Grandin Drive.

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    • I find that a school is a school no matter the religion. We are not catholic and my son has been attending school here in morinville. I am glad that they are building more schools because both schools are overflowing to capacity

    • Unfortunately that just isn’t the case. Does your son attend the Catholic school or the public?

      It’s a WORLD of difference for people who do not wish to brain wash children as early as preschool but rather have a religion free zone for education.

  1. I think it’s excellent that both the public system and the Catholic system are getting new schools. Both have very crowded buildings and both deserve the new schools! Bravo to the Town of Morinville for going ahead with this!

    • this is a stupid spot… this will cost also street construction to make it safe for the kids to ride with a bike or walk from morinville out there. it involves a 30 zone and also it will be a busy street then …. not impressed.

    • Actually, it won’t require a 30 zone as the school is not directly on 100 street. The school site is within the Westwinds Development that will one day occupy that entire farm field, owned by Landrex. The Area Structure Plan, which we’ve covered in a number of past articles, includes commercial frontage along 100 Street for businesses. The school site is directly behind that. The rest is zoned for housing, though no set start date is in place for that we are aware of.

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