Carbon Levy Rebate coming in January if taxes filed

by Morinville News Staff

Albertans who file their 2015 tax return and meet income criteria will start receiving the carbon levy rebate in January 2017.

The province says single Albertans whose net income is below $47,500 or couples and families whose net income is below $95,000 will receive a full rebate of $200 and $300 respectively. Couples with two children under the income level will receive $360.

Although the rebate begins to phase out above those income levels, singles earning less than $51,250 and a family with two children earning less than $101,500 will receive a partial rebate.

The government says the rebates provide “upfront, timely support to lower- and middle-income Albertans to help manage increased costs associated with the carbon levy.”

Carbon levies take effect Jan. 1 impacting diesel 5.35 cents per litre, gasoline at 4.49 cents per litre, natural gas at $1.011 per Giga jewel, and propane at 3.08 cent per litre. Further levy increases will take effect Jan. 1, 2018.

Further details on the carbon levy are available at


  1. 2015 taxes should already be filed. Should this read 2016 taxes, or is the rebate amount based on 2015 income? Many families will have lower income for 2016 than 2015 due to increased economic hardship, thus the question. Thanks for the clarification.

    • Sorry….I retract my question. It would have to be based on 2015 income if rolling out in January 2017.

  2. 2015 income – there would be some that still have not filed taxes by end of year. As such, they would not get the rebate as rebate is based on previous year’s income.

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