Letter: Re the installation of roundabouts – beginning at 107st and 100ave Morinville, The Shell Station

Norm and I have been residents of Sturgeon County for the past 12 years. And, now that we are living in the County we continue to support the Town of Morinville. For the previous 38 years, we were residents of Morinville. We supported the businesses, festivals, schools, church, sports and everything else that is of value to a small town.

For some time now we have heard and read about the proposed installation of roundabouts beginning at the Shell Station. At the time the discussions began, we really thought there was no possible way the Town of Morinville and Alberta Highways would follow through. It was too unbelievably unrealistic to even fathom this would be done. Now though, we have read in the paper that it has been approved.

We do have what we think are some very valid concerns;

1 – if any of you have driven or ridden in a grain truck, fuel truck or large farm equipment you would honestly have to wonder how the roundabout could be safely maneuvered.

2 – if any of you have tried to cross the four lanes at the corner of 107 Street and 100 Avenue at Shell you would know it is far too dangerous without the roundabouts, let alone once they are installed.

3 – there are a number of businesses who would have property taken from them to accommodate the roundabouts

4 – the cost to the Town to reimburse the businesses for the loss of property and income

5 – the potential for considerable increase in taxes to pay for the reimbursement to the businesses

6 –We really wonder what the Councillors and Mayor were thinking when they approved the roundabouts. Would sets of lights not be more feasible and less costly and certainly less disruptive to the lives and livelihood of the business owners?

7 – has the safety of these roundabouts been considered? I don’t have the stats (i.e. for the circle at Villeneuve), but one truck on its side is one too many. With the amount of traffic on Highway 642, the potential for serious accidents or injuries is very high. I cringe when I see young children walking their bikes or walking across those four lanes or anyone for that matter.

8 – I have heard that speeding on Highway 642 is one of the reasons to build the circles but seriously, use the radar on that strip. A few costly tickets and we all learn to slow down.

9 – and lastly, Guy is Norm’s brother but he is not the only business Norm and I know will be affected. Norm and I both feel strongly that this is the wrong decision for all the businesses involved. Morinville wants to attract businesses to Main Street – so I would suggest that you work with the current owners and make it feasible for them to stay.

Thank you,

Norm and Francoise Meunier

Editor’s Note: The only acceptance of roundabouts was though the approval of the 642 Functional Plan in the spring of 2013

A Land Use Bylaw amendment for potential development of a property at 107 Street and 100 Avenue passed First Reading back in June to make way for a public hearing prior to the potential second and third reading Sept. 13.

Tristan Turner will have full details on those developments following the Sept. 13 meeting.

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  1. I just wish they’d put in lights at the shell corner and leave everything else alone. I know if they install these round abouts, more and more people (me) will just be using the side roads, and those happen to be where the kids are.

  2. I live on 107th and definitely something needs to be done. However a roundabout? Seriously? Traffic lights to me is the answer. Not only addressing the traffic issues but gives pedestrians a means of crossing the 4 lane without being flattened. Come on Council, do the right thing

  3. Cuz that’s a great idea. Traffic circle! If people can’t stop for pedestrians at a cross walk watch out driving in a round about

  4. Dear provincial & local governments: Why is it that common sense is so lacking with this issue…..for gosh sakes, put in a light, quit the blathering & let the businesses continue on with their ventures uninterrupted….let the traffic flow in an orderly manner & let the tax paying citizens feel safe walking across the road. This is a high pedestrian & vehicle traffic crossing….enough stammering, talking & posturing, put in a light with minimal fuss & get it right the first time. Just in you case you want to see how well a traffic circle (roundabout) works, go sit on the side of Villeneuve road for awhile & watch oversize loads & B trains try to manoeuvre it, not to mention farm equipment, this disruptive idea of a roundabout is nonsense. It is long overdue for us to demand to see a modicum of common sense return to All levels of government concerning this oh so tediously talked about issue…less talk more action will be warmly received!

  5. Lights at the shell and lights at the 4 way stop where some people like to just drive through that stop sign , would be safer, especially with that new convince store that’s going to be opening on that corner soon and all the kids that cross that intersection to go to school, it’s very busy there

  6. In a small town, small business owners make the backbone for the town. Does that make any sense business wise, to just take land from those people to further the desire of a few. I love having a business like the Shell, it has easy access from west and north sides. A roundabout is going to reduce access and parking areas. A move like this is certainly not conducive to helping business grow in this town, it would be more like a punishment for doing a good business.
    Roundabouts were such a good idea for busy intersections in Edmonton…. they removed most of them and installed traffic lights, why?…they don’t handle busy intersections well. Accidents were too numerous.
    Treat your small business base well, and they will help serve the present residents and assist in attracting new ones, that equals town growth, what we’ve all been waiting a long time for.
    Dave Parsons

  7. Just for the love of God please put in a traffic light. Maybe then when school let’s out people can actually get through that intersection

  8. Well I can tell you one place they do need a roundabout is the Cardiff Morinville corner sometimes your backed up to the Hwy.

  9. what about pedestrians walking south on 107st, where there is only a sidewalk on the west side (or will 107st residents be giving up their lawns to a new sidewalk??) Just put lights up and everyone is safe with green and red lights, walk and don’t walk!!!!

  10. We have the most backasswards town ever.

    Let’s start an over pass without buying the proper land. Pave parts and then put a four way and a set of lights.

    Let’s take away from our main drag and the businesses to put a roundabout where lights would be best.

    Let’s raise the speed limit in front of Tiny Tots from 30 to 50 and laugh.

    This must be why we have a liquor store on every street…

  11. I live on 107 Street, first house on the corner of 107 and 100ave. I have contacted town office, Alberta Highway several times to complain about the unsafe intersection. I am terrified every day when my son has to cross after school to get home from his bus stop near Shell. A set of lights would be the best resolution to provide safe controlled traffic calming crossing for all residents. Yet they plan to put in the roundabout, that more than anything will distract drivers at this intersection. Let’s be honest here, noone looks for pedestrians at roundabouts. Your looking at oncoming vehicles in the circle, waiting for your chance to get in and then get back out. I fear I will wake up to a car in my bedroom or front room thanks to the confusion this will cause. Remember years ago how many accidents occurred the first few days our first set of lights at 100 and 100 caused? And as a resident on 107 st, I would be happy to give up some lawn to have a sidewalk on our side of the street too, instead of just on the west side. I am not happy with the prospect of potentially having a traffic circle next to the house.

    • people like you are the reason i’m scared to go into a traffic circle. how do people get the drivers licence if they can’t do it.

  12. In all your travels in Canada have you ever seen a ROUND ABOUT installed on a 4 lane highway (642/100 Ave) that close to an entrance AND exit to another 4 lane divided highway (2) that close to an overpass?

    Traffic circles work well for traffic. Integrating the main walking trail in Town that comes from the North to the 107 St. and 100 Ave. intersection ( on the west side of 107 st) into that traffic circle will not work.


    This is a PREMIER intersection at one…if not the busiest intersection in Morinville for both Vehicular AND Pedestrian traffic combined.

    This intersection requires lights. Traffic calming measures (circles) work very well where ONLY vehicle traffic needs to be controlled. Lights are the best option for controlling both traffic and pedestrian traffic. (4 way stops work great too but are so …. 1960’s)

    Imagine integrating pedestrian crosswalks into a 4 lane highway traffic circle one block from a 4 lane highway egress without lights. NOT!

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