Wildrose critical of vehicle licence reminder program

by Morinville News Staff

Drivers fined for expired plate stickers ought to get a break, the Wildrose opposition argues.

Wildrose Shadow Service Alberta Minister Wayne Anderson said Monday the NDP government assured him the plan to switch from paper to electronic vehicle reminders last March would save the province time and money.

“I continue to hear from honest men and women who are being ticketed as a result of this government’s bungling of this file,” Anderson said. “Whether it’s older Albertans who may lack modern technology skills or all those who over decades have gotten used to the mailed reminder being their cue to renew, the government needs to find a way to make this changeover smoother for all Albertans.”

Anderson said the NDP should immediately make efforts to ensure honest Albertans caught off guard by the changes aren’t getting tickets in multiple municipalities, and that the government should relax fines and fees for Albertans who “haven’t been adequately communicated with.”

Last March, the NDP switched from paper to electronic reminders for ID cards, licences, and vehicle registrations.

The Wildrose claim the rollout was poorly managed, resulting in many Albertans ticketed for their expired documents, and are now contracting a US company to contact the province’s drivers at home about making the switch to electronic notifications.

“I want to know how much money the NDP is spending to fix a problem that didn’t exist in the first place,” Anderson said. “The government assured me that this plan would save the province time and money, but the reality is turning out to be just the opposite.”

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