National Columns: We are sorry

Two of Trudeau’s top aides expensed $207,000 for moving from Toronto to Ottawa. Now, after two days on the defensive, Katie Telford and Gerald Butts say they’ll pay some of it back. […]

Local News

Town has opportunity to get rid of a few things

Morinvillians had an opportunity to lighten their loads on Saturday with two community events.
H&R Block brought in Iron Mountain Canada to securely shred sensitive documents. Participants also had the opportunity to learn about protecting their privacy. The annual event was free for all participants. […]

Morinville News

Traffic safety fund targets local solutions

Residents and communities with innovative ideas to help raise awareness on speeding, impaired driving and the importance of wearing seatbelts are invited to submit applications for money from the $500,000 Alberta Traffic Safety Fund (ATSF) to support community-based safety initiatives. […]

Local News

Morinville Parish asks Town for support in cemetery revitalization

Parishioners from Morinville’s St. Jean Baptiste Catholic Church has made an ask to Council at the Sept. 20 Committee of the Whole meeting to revitalize the Town’s only cemetery, operated by the Catholic Church for decades. The site is located off of 100 Street on the north end of Town. The site recently saw the removal of some trees and has not gone undergone renewal in many years, with aging chain link fencing around the property. As a result, the site is in major need of revitalization, according to presenters Gilbert and Lillian Boddez, who made the ask on behalf of Morinvile’s oldest congregation. […]


Alberta Participates in Global Privacy Sweep on Internet of Things

Devices connected to the Internet of Things got a failing grade in securing personal information; the government announced Thursday.

A recent international study has shown six in ten Internet of Things devices do not properly inform customers how their personal information is being used.


National Column: PM lacks strong message

If one were to rate a prime ministerial news conference based on its shock value, the one Justin Trudeau gave on the occasion of his return to the House of Commons for the fall session of Parliament on Wednesday would not be worth grading. […]

Local News

Morinville Council Briefs

Town Council received a happy thanks from Matt Meunier as he presented at the Sept 20 Committee of the Whole meeting, praising Council’s decision at their previous meeting to request the province to install traffic lights, rather than a runabout, at the intersection of 100 Avenue and 107 Street. Meunier, whose family owns a business nearby, felt invested in the safety of the intersection and heavily lobbied the Town to scrap the roundabout plan. […]

Local News

Morinville’s Youth Leadership Program enough to let youth council die: Fitzgerald

Council has received a thorough presentation from Morinville’s Youth Leadership and Outreach Worker Christine Ryvers, along with Community Program Coordinator Melonie Dziwenka on Morinville’s new Youth Leadership Program. Council received the report during their once monthly Committee of the Whole meeting Sept. 20, with all of Council present save Gordon Putnam. The program has received attention as seemingly analogous to the currently in limbo Youth Council Bylaw proposed by Deputy Mayor Brennan FitzGerald. […]

Local News

Report on homelessness in Morinville piques Council’s interest

Morinville’s Council have received a thorough report from the Town’s Community Program and FCSS Coordinator Melonie Dziwenka on the state of homelessness in Morinville, including steps forward the Town can make with their partners. The report includes definitions of different types of homelessness, and statistics available for Morinville’s numbers in each category. […]


Wildrose critical of vehicle licence reminder program

Drivers fined for expired plate stickers ought to get a break, the Wildrose opposition argues.

Wildrose Shadow Service Alberta Minister Wayne Anderson said Monday the NDP government assured him the plan to switch from paper to electronic vehicle reminders last March would save the province time and money. […]