Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools presents Long Service Awards on World Teachers’ Day

Above: Notre Dame Long Service Award recipients: Michelle Van Brabant 5 years, Ryan Plamondon 10 years, Annette Holterman 10 years, Shelley Jones 15 years, Darlene Johnson, 35 years, Shelly Walline 15 years, and Angelle Peacock 10 years.

by Lucie Roy

“Valuing Teachers, Improving their Status” was this year’s theme for World Teacher’s Day. Ninety-two countries around the world celebrated World Teacher’s Day, and within the District, GSACRD hosted their annual Long Service Awards, honouring service to their school communities.

More than 85 Long Service Awards were scheduled to be presented on Wednesday to teachers and staff of Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools (GSACRD). The awards were in increments of five years with thirty-five years being the longest serving. One of the thirty-five Year Awards to be presented included Darlene Johnson of Notre Dame. Notre Dame had 11 members receiving recognition: Andrea Pautonnier with 25 years, Beth Laton with 20 years, and Vicki Anderson, Shelley Jones, Linda Livingstone, and Shelly Walline all receiving 15-year awards. For 10 years Notre Dame had three: Annette Holterman, Angelle Peacock and Ryan Plamondon. Michelle Van Brabant received a five-year award.

Notre Dame collectively celebrated 175 years of service.

Georges H. Primeau School had three recipients: Deborah Rivet with 25 years, Dean McKinney with 20 years, and Allan Menduk with five years.

MCHS had four receiving recognition for 20 years’ service: Louise Caron, Christine MacDonald, Cliff Rowein, and Jennifer Willows. Nicole Baker received a 10-year award.

Also receiving recognition was Morinville Ward Trustee Noreen Radford for five years and Legal Ward Trustee Cathy Proulx for 20 years.

The presentations took place at Richard S. Fowler Junior High School in St. Albert.

Long service pins and or gifts are awarded to employees with five years of continuous service with the District and for every additional five years of continuous service after that.


Notre Dame Long Service Award recipients Beth Laton 20 years, Linda Livingstone 15 years, Andrea Pautonnier 25 years, and Vicki Anderson 15 years.


MCHS Long Service Award recipients, Louise Caron 20 years, Nicole Baker 10 years, Cliff Rowein 20 years, Jennifer Willows 20 years and Christine MacDonald 20 years.


Georges H. Primeau Long Service Award recipients, Deborah Rivet 25 years, Allan Menduk 5 years and Dean McKinney 20 years.
Lucie Roy Photos.

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