Letter: Holmes is confident, proud and skilled

While significant scrutiny goes with the territory for elected officials, and rightfully so because public officials are deemed “public property” in some sense, public support may also accompany scrutiny. Enter the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association.

Earlier in October, I attended the entire conference that Mayor Lisa Holmes presided over in her role as AUMA President. What I observed was someone who was couthy, confident, proud and skilled. Her command of the stage, her oratory skills, spontaneous and nimble sense of humour were all evident and she is to be commended.

Credit where credit is due, and since few Morinville residents have the opportunity to attend AUMA, you will only know this if indeed someone shares this information publicly.

Thanks, Lisa. You, together with almost all of your council colleagues attended the convention representing your residents well, you all represented Morinville well and you represented this region well. Lisa represents Alberta well. We should all be proud as she leaves a sparkle wherever she goes.

Mayor Nolan Crouse

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  1. Well Mayor Crouse, you are certainly entitled to your opinion.

    However, a significant number of Morinville residents, for one reason or another, do not share that opinion.

    James O’Brien

  2. I’m sorry Mr. O’Brien.. I think you maybe a little light on your numbers of Morinville residents? Hmmm.Mayor Crouse didn’t I read someplace about him and something to do with an expense account… Maybe Not!
    Oh well can’t wait til the next Morinville town election??

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