Fire Department has active Fire Prevention Week

photos by Lucie Roy

The Morinville Fire Department had an active Fire Prevention Week with visits to Morinville schools to conduct fire drills and even doing home visits delivering pizza in partnership with Dominos.

For Fire Prevention Week members of the Morinville Fire Department (MFD) conducted fire drills at MCHS, GH Primeau, Morinville Public School, and the Christian School.

The fire drills were held early Thursday morning.

The drills are meant to ensure the school’s students, teachers, and emergency personnel are prepared.


At Ecole Notre Dame, the teachers and staff followed the Hour-Zero School Emergency Program that is in place.

Every room has a Classroom Summary of Emergency Functional Protocols which covers Lock-Down, Hold and Secure, Shelter-In-Place, All-Clear, On-Alert, Emergency Evacuation or Fire Alarm, and the Drop-Cover-Hold.

Notre Dame teachers from each respective classroom followed their procedures and with every student accounted for held up their green card for “Okay,” signifying no injuries and no missing students.


Firefighters walk down the hall at MCHS during the fire drill.


Students gather in the field at Morinville Public School.


Domino’s Pizza and the Morinville Fire Department(MFD) partnered again this year to promote Fire Prevention Week.

Morinville Fire Department members made deliveries to randomly selected residents who ordered Domino’s Pizza on Thursday evening.

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