STEP now part of Future Ready initiative

STEP student Brandon Manz shares how he’s Future Ready after summer employment at PowerHouse Data Centre

by Morinville News Staff

Approximately 2,700 students gained valuable work experience at more than 1,200 employers through the Summer Temporary Employment Program (STEP) the Government of Alberta announced Thursday.

The program was cut in March 2013 by the Progressive Conservative government and restored by the NDP last year. The program is now part of the Government of Alberta’s Future Ready efforts, launched last week, to coordinate education and training from kindergarten to the workforce.

“STEP is a great bridge between education and a rewarding career in a diversified economy,” said Christina Gray, Minister of Labour. “Our government is pleased that we were able to help more than 1,200 employers this summer. Through work experience, STEP is extremely valuable to students learning important job skills and lessons that will help prepare them for success in their future.”

The Summer Temporary Employment Program subsidizes employers who hire summer students by providing a $7-per-hour wage subsidy.

The funding was allocated by employer type and location this year to ensure a range of organizations benefited from the grants. For the first time, STEP was expanded to include small business in 2016.

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