Santa Auction sees higher numbers this year

by Lucie Roy

The 19th Annual Santa Store Charity Auction hosted by Coach’s Corner was held Saturday night before a packed audience.

The 100 plus lots of items raised more than $14,000 for the Santa Store, $2,000 more than last year. Proceeds from the auction are to be used towards the Santa Store to assist parents struggling during the holiday season. The Midstream Support Society organizes and operates the confidential store with new toys and gifts for children up to the age of 17. Parents are offered the opportunity to fulfill some of the wishes on their child’s Christmas list by appointment at the store.

The Midstream currently has 250 children in Morinville and area that they hope to support.

Not included in the $14,000 raised were the totals from the raffle, the 50/50 and the $500 donated by Brad Ward of Ward’s Auction in memory of Bob Kruger, who passed away recently. Kruger was an active volunteer of the Santa Store auction.

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