A wild time in the wild west

photos by Stephen Dafoe

The Morinville Community Cultural Centre’s 2016-2017 performance series continued Saturday night with Accidental Humour’s Cowboy: A Cowboy Story, a comedy about a mysterious stranger who rides into a small town in the middle of nowhere only to find himself caught between a conniving sheriff, a crazed prospector, a coarse prostitute, and a gang of thugs.

Theatre-goers got a different type of show Saturday, one that mixed live theatre with pre-recorded tech.

Accidental Humour uses three projectors playing pre-filmed movie scenes that are seamlessly choreographed with the live performances, a combination that generated many laughs purely on the basis of the cleverness.

The evening dinner and romp through the old west drew 250 out for the night.

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  1. The timing of this event was perfect! I know there were a few of us that got tickets for hard-to-buy-for parents as Christmas gifts. They had a great time. Thanks!

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