House on the move from recreation lands, others to be demolished

photos by Donald Boutilier

A small home was boarded up and loaded up on a trailer bound to be used elsewhere this week.

The Town held a sealed bid auction last fall for the three properties on the 77 acres of land bought for the future arena recreation centre. The home sold at auction.

The other two properties are scheduled for demolition sometime in February, according to the CAO report in the Jan. 24 Council agenda.

According to that same Jan. 24 CAO report:

“• Signs indicating the “Future Site of the Morinville Regional Recreation Centre”
have been ordered and should be installed shortly.

“• Initial site grading has been completed. Further work will take place in early spring.

“• Final design for joint servicing completed. The construction tender was awarded
approximately December 15 to MAP Water and Sewer Services Ltd. Anticipated
servicing for water and sanitary is anticipated to start realistically in March but we
will know more once we meet with the successful bidder.

“• RC Strategies and Stantec have been engaged to assist Morinville and Sturgeon in
the development of the Business Case. An initial draft of the Business Case has
been reviewed by the sub-Committee of the IAC tasked with developing the
Business Case.”

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