Jean announces willingness to step down and seek leadership in united conservative movement

Above: Brian Jean speaks via Facebook Live

by Morinville News Staff

Wildrose Leader Brian Jean announced Thursday afternoon via Facebook Live that if Wildrose members approve a unity agreement with the PC party, he is prepared to stand down as leader of the Wildrose, and to seek the Leadership of what Jean called a “single principled, conservative party” in a race this summer.

“I want all Albertans to know I’m committed to them,” Jean wrote in an email Thursday afternoon, making it clear he intends to be Alberta’s next Premier. “Before I was forced to say goodbye to my son, I promised him I would fix a system that failed him. And I won’t stop working until I fulfill that promise.”

Jean said his vision and plan was to “make Alberta a place of unparalleled greatness,” leading the strongest period of job creation in the province’s history.

Jean said a united party would need to preserve Wildrose’s legal framework as the foundation for a single consolidated conservative party that is governed by the grassroots; recognize that both Wildrose and PC members must be treated and respected as equals; and let the membership decide the name for Alberta’s conservative movement.

Jean said he would be seeking part members’ feedback on the proposal to unite conservatives.

“[W]hile I am confident that Wildrose would defeat the NDP on our own in the next election, consoli­dating and uniting like-minded conservatives under a single banner is the best chance that we’ll be successful, not just for the next election, but the elections that future generations will face,” Jean said.

You can view Jean’s video here.

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