Province approves Greater St. Albert Catholic expansion

by Morinville News Staff

Greater St. Albert Catholics Schools announced Wednesday it’s jurisdictional boundary has expanded by Minister of Education David Eggen.

The expansion is the result of signed Ministerial Orders establishing newly-formed Catholic Separate Districts in the Namao and Carbondale areas in Sturgeon County.

The Division says Catholic residents are the minority faith in both the Namao and Carbondale areas, something a regional census confirmed.
That outcome allowed the groups to gain ministerial approval to access Catholic Education by joining Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools.

“The 4X4 Formation process is a legislative right in this province under the School Act,” Said Greater St. Albert Superintendent David Keohane in a media release Wednesday. “It is the truest form of public engagement afforded to families seeking choice and voice in education.”

The efforts of Catholic parents and families was applauded at Monday’s Board of Trustees meeting in St. Albert.

“We appreciate the leadership role you have taken on to provide the best education for your children, and we look forward to welcoming families from Namao and Carbondale seeking Catholic Education,” Board Chair Serena Shaw told those in attendance.

Transportation arrangements will now be put in place for families attending district schools. Carbondale residents will attend schools in Morinville, Namao families will attend St. Albert schools.

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