Rotary urgently looking for students to send on trips

by Stephen Dafoe

Ontario, Saskatchewan and British Columbia are the points of call for three of five Rotary adventures taking place this spring. The Adventures in Technology program takes place in Saskatoon, the Adventure in Citizenship Program takes place in Ottawa, and the Adventures in Tourism takes place in Kelowna.

The programs are available to Morinville Community High School and Sturgeon Composite high School students. Although information has been distributed to the schools, the Rotary Club of Morinville has not had a single applicant.

Time is rapidly running out, and the club is wanting to send students.

“The Rotary Club of Morinville has a lot to offer students in the Morinville and Sturgeon area,” said Rotary Youth Services Chair Kathy Sandmaier. “They just need to tap into the information. Both high schools have delivered the information to the students. It just a matter of them stepping out of their comfort zone and saying pick me. We want to start interviews right away but have no applicants as of yet. They are such great programs to be experienced.”

Sandmaier said Adventures in Technology is designed to raise awareness and understanding of technology, how it affects daily lives, and what opportunities it presents for the future. The Adventure in Citizenship Program includes meetings with political leaders, senior officials, and an opportunity to learn about Canadian democratic institutions. Adventures in tourism help students learn about the service industry and travel careers.

Sandmaier said the adventures assist students in deciding what they want to pursue when they finish high school.

Additionally, the Rotary Youth Leadership Experience (RYLE) sends students to Camp Nakamun to learn leadership skills, and the Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment (RYPEN) sends students to Jasper to learn how to get out of their comfort zone.

Those interested in exploring the opportunities available through Rotary can contact Rotary Youth Services Chair Kathy Sandmaier at 780-719-4491.

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  1. Sorry and thank you for your interest, but these tris are not open to exchange students.

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