Town unanimously approves changes to Champaign District

closed session

by Tristan Turner
Morinville News Correspondent

Council has passed their first Land Use Bylaw amendments of 2017 following a completely empty public hearing, a very brief presentation by a representative of the developer, and limited council questions.

The Bylaws (Bylaw 1/2017 and 2/2017) had to do with the Champaign District Area Structure Plan that saw some changes to lot layout size, and the number of developments at the site on the North edge of Town along 100 Street.

The plan shifts unit size around and removes two units, taking the total development down from 996 to 994, but has no impact on the expected amount of people living in the development (minus one), thanks to the accommodation of larger lots and add-on suites.

The motion passed unanimously with only a couple of clarifying questions from council.

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