Coming up at Morinville Town Council

closed session

by Morinville News Staff

Town Council has a lot to discuss at their informal Committee of the Whole meeting Mar. 21.

In addition to two presentations, one on the Northern Alberta Baseball League and one from South Glens resident Warren Maskoske on potential lights at Cardiff Road and 100 Street, Council has five meaty topics to delve into.


First up is an information report on potential lights at “100th Street South and Cardiff Road to South Glens Entrance.”


Council will also discuss the Town’s Boards and Committees policy, a policy that passed in mid-February in a four-to-one vote with Coun. Stephen Dafoe, the only member in opposition. Dafoe indicated in an interview, one of the reasons he voted against it was because he felt the policy included an overabundance of detail. That motion was subsequently taken off the table after Coun. Nicole Boutestein made a motion at the next meeting to reconsider. It was then moved to Committee of the Whole for a deeper look-see.

Community Cultural Centre Performance Information

Council will take another look at arts and culture in the community after Coun. Boutestein requested the business plan come back for discussion.

Planning and Development

Also on the agenda for discussion is a look at the Off-Site Levy Bylaw and an update on Mobility Strategy as part of the Municipal Development Plan Review

Committee of the Whole meetings are an opportunity for Council to ask questions of administration on items that will be coming up for decision at future Council meetings. The meeting starts at 6:30 p.m. and the public is welcome to attend.

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