Upcoming cultural centre shows on a two-for-one deal

by Morinville News Staff

The month of April kicks off with two children’s shows at the Morinville Community Cultural Centre. But the back-to-back weekend shows are not the only double-header about the performances. The Town of Morinville is offering families a two-for-one deal on the tickets.

The two shows are Axis Theatre Company’s Hamelin: A New Fable taking place Apr. 2 at 4 p.m. and Story Theatre’s Anansi: A Gift of Stories taking place Apr. 8 at 2 p.m.

Previously tickets for the two shows were $12 per person or $35 for a family of four. The Town is now offering single tickets at a two-for-one rate, allowing a family of four to attend for $24.

Town of Morinville Corporate Communications Coordinator Felicity Bergman told Morinville News in an email interview that the reason for the two-for-one offer was that ticket sales for the two shows had been slow.

“We would like as many people as possible to come out and enjoy these great shows and have the opportunity to experience live theatre close to home,” Bergman said. “We hope this promotion decreases any barriers there may have been based on ticket price.”

Axis Theatre Company’s Hamelin: A New Fable is suitable for Kindergarten to Grade 6 and takes place Apr. 2 at 4 p.m.

The performance takes place in the Town of Hamelin, Germany during the 13th century, a community governed by a spoiled mayor, his mother and a large number of stuffy corporate types uninterested in the hard-working townsfolk.

That’s when 10-year-old twins Celeste and Ralph come up with a plan to make the town’s adults wake up to what’s happening around them.

The play won the 2015 Jessie Richardson Award for Design Concept and Execution.

Story Theatre’s Anansi: A Gift of Stories is suitable for Grades 5 to 12. It takes place at the cultural centre Apr. 8 at 2 p.m.

The production is about Anansi, a favorite character in African and Jamaican stories. Sometimes a tiny spider or a skinny old man, the character is always involved in adventures and fun.

The Apr. 8 production tells how the sky god took all earth’s stories. Anansi vows to return them to earth for people to enjoy. But he’ll have to complete three nearly impossible tasks to free the stories.

Tickets for both shows are available at the cultural centre office during business hours or at Tix on the Square:

Story Theatre’s Anansi: A Gift of Stories

Hamelin: A New Fable

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