National Column: A shoddy swipe at Quebec can prove costly

It was shoddy journalism, not a debatable take on Quebec society, that cost former Ottawa Citizen editor Andrew Potter his “dream job” as head of McGill university’s prestigious Institute for the Study of Canada this week.

Arts & Culture

Record Revival: Vinyl is alive and well in Morinville

As you walk through the front door of Smith Music, expect to be greeted by a whirl of activity and sound. If you haven’t been there in a while, you’ll likely notice the place has changed, a lot.

What was once a singular, large open room is now a building split up into three unique identities. There’s a new massage therapy business there. And, of course, there’s Smith Music with its immense stage and new (not to mention, impressive) recording studio. […]

Local News

Talk of the Town

Above and below: Local photographer and regular Morinville News contributor Donald Boutilier took these great shots of some old buildings […]

Local News

New federal drone regulations affecting responsible hobbyists

Canada’s Federal Minister of Transport, Marc Garneau, imposed new rules that will affect recreational drone pilots in Canada. The new regulations, which came into effect immediately when announced two weeks ago, put strict limitations on people using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) near airports, buildings, and people.


National Column: Right, not fast, is the principle

Bill Morneau works in a building named after Jim Flaherty. No pressure there. The very walls seem to ask why Morneau, a political rookie whose adult life before politics was spent in some fairly cushy corporate precincts, can’t seem to display the offhand charm and crusty wit of his late Conservative predecessor.

Editorial & Opinion

Letter: Novice 4 win NDL1 Championship

The Sturgeon Mustangs Novice 4 won the NDL1 championship tonight. After being behind 3-1, we came back to win 4-3 in overtime. Game-winning goal from Luke Nonay. Other goals scored by Axton Achtemichuk, Marcus Fiddler and Ryan Ferrier. […]


Champion Petfoods named one of Alberta’s Top Employers

Champion Petfoods have been named one of Alberta’s Top 70 Employers of 2017; the second year Champion has been recognized as a top employer in the province.

Alberta’s Top Employers is an editorial competition that recognizes Alberta-based employers that lead their industries in offering exceptional places to work. […]