National Column: Liberal meddling risks harming Trudeau’s brand

Alan DeSousa has been the mayor of Montreal’s Saint-Laurent borough since it was created 15 years ago. Initially elected on the ticket of mayor Gerald Tremblay, he survived the corruption scandals that marked that era and was re-elected as part of Denis Coderre’s team in 2013. […]


National Column: Trudeau government should adjust Trump strategy

It’s time to conclude, on a balance of probabilities, that Donald Trump will be merely an ineffectual president.

For a while it seemed the White House’s listless new tenant might have some sort of trade strategy. For a few days he even seemed to be preparing for an attack on Iran. That seems so long ago. He may yet do something big domestically, like repeal Obamacare, although the news that massive new social programs contain fine print has rattled him badly. […]

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RCMP looking for seatbelt violations this month

RCMP and their partners will be keeping an eye out for those who fail to buckle up this month, March’s focus under the province’s Traffic Safety Calendar.

Police say although statistics show the majority of drivers are wearing seatbelts, some drivers either avoid compliance altogether or are inconsistent in their use of occupant restraints. […]