Following in his hero’s Footsteps

by Lucie Roy
Morinville News Correspondent

A Morinville man is following in his hero Terry Fox’s footsteps by running across Canada.
Maxime Chabot was born in Jonquière, Quebec but has called Morinville home for six years over two stints here, his most recent for the past two years.

Chabot graduated high school in 2013 from Alexandre-Taché in St. Albert but said he was introduced to Terry Fox back in elementary school.

“I told myself I would one day finish the run for him,” Chabot said. “I have actually decided not only to finish but to run the whole thing.”

The Morinville man is looking to run roughly 7200 kilometres, starting in St. John’s Newfoundland and ending in Victoria B.C.

“What motivated me to do this is to prove a point. Why do people wait for something drastic to happen to them before wanting to do some good in the world?” Chabot said. “Why would I have to wait for someone I know [to] get cancer before wanting to do something? By that time it will be too late.”

The runner is looking to show the world that creating change and being a good human is not hard – it simply starts with the individual.

Chabot said he did his training in and around Morinville, training pretty much every day by doing 21 km runs, and stretching that distance every couple of days.

“By next week I should be in my 30-kms a day,” he said. “I have been training full time for two months now.”

Chabot said he is looking forward to starting his cross-country run Apr. 12, which is 37 years to the day after Terry Fox started his back in 1980.

“I do not have a team that will follow me for the run but as per right now I have people working with and for me to help me succeed in this process and this includes, Danielle Vowles, Richard St-Laurent Charlene MacDougall, Kevin Keith, and many more,” Chabot said.

A few fundraisers have taken place to assist him on his journey. One was held at the Zoo in Morinville Mar. 18, as well as the Ranch Roadhouse in Edmonton Mar. 25, Richard’s Pub on Mar. 30, Knoxville’s Tavern on Mar. 31 and the Beer Hunter Bar & Grill in St Albert on Apr. 1. The latter event included a silent auction.

Those wishing to assist the cause can donate to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation website then click on Chabot’s event page. Donations can be made up until Oct. 15.

The inspirational runner will post on his Facebook and Instagram accounts during the journey. On Facebook under – Maxime Joseph Luc Chabot and Instagram under maxchabs3.

For more information on donating, email Chabot at

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