Letter: Automated Traffic Enforcement – Review of their 2016 Reports

As we eagerly await for the first quarter reports from our automated traffic enforcement contractor, we felt it would be a good time to review the quarterly reports for 2016 and share some of the highlights with the general public.

During 2016, a total of 2,004 hours were reported, and a total number of 5,873 tickets were issued. It should be noted that there were ten approved zones that reflected LESS than ten hours/zone for the entire year. Now, let’s look at the four zones on the outskirts of town, sometimes called the “honey spots.”

Cardiff Road – 180 Hours – 794 Tickets
100 St / near 87 Ave (UFA) – 144 Hours – 859 Tickets
Pumphouse – 234 Hours – 964 Tickets
Cemetery area – 180 Hours – 1,228 Tickets

These four zones totalled 738 hours or 37 per cent of the total hours and totalled 3,845 tickets or 65 per cent of the total tickets.

This is interesting, but it gets more interesting because, during the 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarter reports (April to December), the contractor split all their zones into directions (eastbound, westbound, northbound, southbound). Here are the highlights for the same “honey spots”:

Going OUT of Town:
Cardiff Road Eastbound – 139 hours – 654 tickets
100 St / near 87 Ave Southbound – 102 hours – 676 Tickets
Pumphouse Eastbound – 147 hours – 605 tickets
Cemetery Area Northbound – 89 hours – 477 tickets

Coming INTO Town:
Cardiff Road Westbound – 1 hour – 0 tickets
100 St / near 87 Ave Northbound – 4 hours – 1 ticket
Pumphouse Westbound – 6 hours – 1 ticket
Cemetery Area Southbound – 3 hours – 0 tickets

Often hear comments about how the photo radar program should spend MORE time in the school zones and so thought you would like to know that during 2016 the below stats were reported:

G. P. Vanier Elementary School – 285 hours – 609 tickets
Notre Dame Elementary School -117 Hours -197 tickets
Primeau Junior High School – 106 Hours – 276 Tickets
Road behind High School – 9 hours – 1 ticket

The totals for the above school zones for the 2016 year are 516 hours or 26 per cent of the total and 1,083 tickets or 19 per cent of the total

In closing, thanks to Council for our new policy and procedures. I am extremely pleased that the RCMP have assumed control (effective January 1, 2017) of how, where and when photo enforcement will take place. I look forward to seeing the first quarter reports.

Thank You,

Linda Lyons

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  1. Firstly, thank you Linda Lyons very much for compiling this information for the year 2016. In your report I find it amazing that the majority of tickets are given in transition zones eg. Cardiff Road eastbound. I’m sure if one could delve in deeper one would find that all the tickets were written in the 50 to 80 transition zone. Let the provider and administrator of photo radar prove this different. The four sites sited here are not “sometimes” honey spots but “all the time” honey spots. But herein lies a question that needs to be answered by the provider and administrator.or at best the mayor of Morinville.. at what speed over the posted speed limit is the ticket issued? Is it 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, km over the posted speed limit? It is possible that of the 5873 tickets issued last year many may have been issued for as little as 1 or 2 km per hour over the posted speed limit. I think the citizens of Morinville deserve an answer as to what is the tolerance factor that is used to issue a ticket. I too applaud the RCMP taking over the administration of the photo radar program and my confidence level is that they will use the photo radar tool not as a honey spot. Once again, thank you Linda.

  2. Curious – we have asked Mr. Schaefer directly what the tolerance factor was for speeding and we were told it was confidential so we never found it. Wonder if one went to the RCMP now that they are operating it, if they would answer this question? Would be good if someone other than myself went forward with questions. Think they are getting tired of me.

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