Municipal taxes go up .38% – 1.59% with school taxes

by Tristan Turner
Morinville News Correspondent

Morinville taxpayers should expect next years’ tax bill to go up by a few bucks a month following Council’s approval of 2017’s tax rates in a unanimous vote from Council for 2nd and 3rd Reading of the Tax Bylaw.

According to the report accompanying the Bylaw from CFO Shawna Jason, a home assessed at $331,960 municipal taxes should increase by 0.38 per cent, or $8.63 per year. This figure places the tax increase likely below inflation. Other increases to other non-municipal levies on resident’s tax bills lead to more of an increase, however. School Taxes are up 5.13 per cent, or $41.62 for the same $331,960 residence.

Homeland Housing’s levy decreased by $0.50, meaning the total tax change for the average Morinville home is $49.75 a year, a 1.59 per cent increase including the province’s school requisition, which the Town collects on the province’s behalf.

Factored into these projections is the assumption that the average home is expected to be assessed at 3 per cent less than it was worth in 2016, with Jason’s assessed average home value going from $341,919 in 2016 down to $331,960 in 2017. Of course, these rates will vary from home to home depending on the individual value of residents’ homes. In practice, this means residents will pay more than 3 per cent more on their property tax bill assuming their home value was assessed and did not change.

The Bylaw passed unanimously with limited discussion or debate from Council.

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