Council approves lights for South Glens

by Tristan Turner
Morinville News Correspondent

Morinville will be getting a little brighter following a unanimous vote from Council approving new street lights at one of the Town’s highest volume intersection and street. The lights are to be installed along Cardiff Road from South Glens up to 100 Street (Cardiff Corner) at a price tag not to exceed $105,000.

The site currently lacks lighting at night and has a pedestrian path installed along the roadway. The intersection also serves as one of the primary intersections for vehicles entering Morinville off of Highway 2.

Three additional lights are set to be installed within the development of South Glens itself at night, keeping residents more illuminated at night.

This comes following a motion by Councillor Stephen Dafoe to get the project going. Dafoe and other members of Council noted how the project is intended to make South Glens feel more included with the rest of Morinville, and increase safety at this high traffic intersection.

The project is the first to be funded through a new policy previously put in place by Councillor Dafoe to allocate Morinville’s photo radar (Automated Traffic Enforcement) revenue towards projects that improve resident safety. Administration advised Council that there was $158,000 in ATE revenue from 2016, slightly higher than the $111,000 they were first quoted.

The project has previously been brought to Council for consideration by Town Administration and was brought back with the addition of three additional lights into South Glens proper.

Councillor Brennan Fitzgerald noted his support for the project but commented that in the future Council should consider a list of potential options to allocate ATE funding before deciding on one project. With council’s term ending in a few months, he felt: “this is a great project to dedicate the [ATE funding] towards.”

Dafoe’s motion passed unanimously with many comments of support from Council.

Council has received a list of potential traffic and pedestrian safety initiatives and will discuss those at Committee of the Whole.

Council had previously approved budget for a pedestrian crossing light at 107 Street and 100 Avenue; however, put the project on hold pending the province’s decision to upgrade the lights to a full traffic light.

In the 2017 Capital budget are solar trail lights for the Fish and Game Association pond and Dog Park trail up to 100 Street.

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  1. Why are they putting lights in it will still get backed up to the Hwy. Put in a roundabout they work really well moving the traffic faster. they already have one by villeneuve and it works great and won’t cost as much!

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