Spring thaw creates poor road conditions in Sturgeon County

by Morinville News Staff

With gravel roads Sturgeon County thawing and additional precipitation, the County is reporting some treacherous, sloppy conditions causing some of the gravel roads to be impassable.

“Due to the heavy precipitation, local gravel roads are not suitable for heavy traffic making it very difficult for crews to repair or improve roads without further damaging the roads,” said Shane Hogan, Manager of Transportation Services in a news release Thursday.

Administration says Transportation Supervisors have conducted gravel road assessments throughout the County and have made recommendations for an action plan. That plan includes grader operators blading in locations that are suitable as identified on the County’s action list. Additionally, floater operators have been assigned to assist with the targeted areas.

The County says gravel road conditions are not anticipated to improve immediately, given the projected snow fall in the forecast.

To review the road listing and get information about the status of your road, please visit

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