Council resumes pedestrian traffic light for 107 Street

by Tristan Turner
Morinville News Correspondent

Council reviewed a report on installing traffic and/or pedestrian crossing lights at 107 Street and 100 Avenue at their May 9 meeting. The report came from Director of Public Works Claude Valcourt, and outlined a plan to either proceed with the original plan to install pedestrian crossing lights or to move ahead with a more expensive full set of traffic lights. Council unanimously voted to move ahead with the pedestrian crossing lights.

The pedestrian crossing lights were already included in Council’s 2016 budget as a $115,000 capital project, of which $7,575 has already been spent on design, with another approximately $70,000 now required to complete the project.

The full cost for completing a set of traffic lights at the intersection, which Alberta Transportation deemed unwarranted, was reported to cost $250,000, according to Valcourt in the report.

There was nearly no discussion or debate from Council after Deputy Mayor Boutestein moved the less expensive choice of continuing with the budgeted pedestrian crosswalk.

Councillor Stephen Dafoe did make a point to clarify for the public that these lights would be like the more substantial lights on the east end of 100 Avenue and not like the smaller solar pedestrian crosswalks elsewhere in town.

The motion passed unanimously (except for the absent Councillor Ladouceur).

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  1. The article outlines the history of the process of getting a light. Pedestrian light approved. People wanted and lobbied for traffic lights instead. Province who controls road said they would not pay for traffic lights. The decision then made to proceed with the original plan for the pedestrian crossing. Should go up this summer.

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