Letter: Wildrose strikes framework agreement for conservative unity

Over the past decade, Wildrose has become the beating heart of the conservative movement in Alberta.
Our strong grassroots members and supporters have propelled us through good times and bad, and today, we’re stronger than ever before.

After the last election, however, many Albertans told us they wanted to have a conversation about uniting principled conservatives in the Wildrose and PC parties – not for the sake of power but to do what is best for Alberta.

On Thursday, we paved the path forward on an agreement in principle that will give the members of both the Wildrose and PC parties an opportunity to vote to create one united conservative party in Alberta.
Wildrose members can be proud of this proposal. The foundation of the agreement pursues unity in a way that maintains our grassroots way of doing things. The founding principles of the agreement honour the principles that represent our party’s membership-driven, common sense values and ideas.

The new society that would be created is based on the legal framework that has empowered our grassroots since the creation of Wildrose.

Wildrose voices will sit as equal members on the interim board, policy, bylaw, nomination and election committees to ensure our voice is loud and clear as the next steps of unity take shape.

The new agreement ensures that all existing Wildrose funds will be used in a meaningful way that is productive and respectful of the everyday Albertans who generously donated them.

The agreement also ensures that our party’s belief in open nominations, board structures and annual general meetings is maintained.

As it should be, this agreement is now in the hands of the members of both the Wildrose and PC parties. Wildrose will be hosting a special general meeting this July so party members can decide our path forward.
All members and all Albertans who want to be involved in this process will have options available to them to do so. You, the people, are in charge of our province’s future.

Being a Wildrose MLA is one of the greatest honours and privileges of my life. Every single day I’m lucky and proud to serve a Party that insists on putting you, the people our great riding, ahead of anything else.

I was originally drawn to this party because of its fundamental belief in grassroots democracy, and that has not changed. So I’m proud to hand the critically important next steps over to you, the members, to decide what comes next.

I know there will be many tough questions ahead, which is why we’re asking Albertans to come to us with their concerns. We will always be open and honest with you.

Above all else, this is about doing what is right for Albertans – the everyday folks struggling to make ends meet, our parents and their parents, whose hard work and self-determination once made us the envy of the world, and the future generations, who are counting on us to get this right for them.

I look forward to the process ahead, and the many good discussions I will undoubtedly have with the most important people of all – citizens like you.

Glenn van Dijken
Wildrose MLA for Barrhead.Westlock.Morinville Constituency

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