Column: Joe Morinville

With the owner of this rag off galavanting in Ontario for a week, he practically begged me to turn in a column of my wisdom and assorted other thoughts to fill some space. So here’s what I’ve been pondering these days that I figure youse should know about.

Something to bounce about

I seen on the Morinville News’ events page that the Festival Society has a new name for the festival this year on account of it not happening near St. Jean Baptiste Day like it used to.

I know some people is upset about it, but Father Primeau and all them volunteers what worked so hard on Frontier Daze would probably he OK with it.

What’s most important to me is they got rid of them bouncy castle things that my grandkids wasn’t too thrilled about and brought back the midway. The idea of me eating them mini donuts while the grandkids go on the rides is really something to bounce about.

No fireworks again this year

I hate to be a complainer when I’m so happy about carnival rides and greasy little donuts that taste too good, but I’m wishing the Festival Days had fireworks, which they haven’t for a couple of years.

People say there’s no fireworks because there’s no money to pay for them and everything else too because festivals is expensive to put on.

But one of the things this town does pretty good is shoot off fireworks.

The Christmas show is always a big deal even though most years it’s freezing cold when you watch them. But we used to have a great big display during the St. Jean Baptiste Festival and none on Canada Day and now we got none on Festival Days but a good show on Canada Day.

I guess if I had to pick, I’d pick being a proud Canadian like Murray Knight.

Still, I wish someone would donate some money for fireworks for the festival so we could be a small town what does fireworks three times a year.

Too many crappy movies

Seems to me they run out of good ideas for movies at the theatres these days.

Every time you turn around there’s another movie from the funny books. No one makes a good western or a war movie anymore. Was all excited for a WWI movie that come out on the weekend and then seen it was one of them super people movies with the Wonder Woman in it.

And if they ain’t making movies with flying men and women of space men and women, they are remaking old movies like Alien and Baywatch and the CHIPS. That last one used to be a good TV show.

I did see one listed on the Google called The Boss Baby. I was sure it was a cartoon about Donald Trump.

Too many crappy politicians

It’s old news now. It wasn’t old news when I started writing this piece of intelligence.

Lot of the guys at Timmies was surprised that this young fellow from Saskatchewan won to replace Mr. Harper. When I had coffee on the Monday, everyone was saying, “Who the hell is Andrew Scheer?” Half of them couldn’t even pronounce the guy’s name.

A lot of them were hoping the Conservatives would’ve changed the rules so Rona could have stayed on to do the job. And if she couldn’t have done the job, half of them liked O’Leary.

Anyway, we got what we got, and I guess we have to give him a chance to shake up Mr. Trudeau.

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