Seniors tea well attended

by Lucie Roy

More than 100 Seniors were registered to attend the Seniors’ Garden Tea held at the Morinville Community Cultural Centre on Thursday.

The fancy sandwiches and delectable sweets were accompanied by a performance from Karen Lumley at the morning tea and Eddie Bulger in the afternoon.

The youth from the Morinville ABC Club also performed a few songs.

Murray Knight of the Morinville Historical & Cultural Society made a tribute to the seniors at both events.

Councillors Barry Turner and Stephen Dafoe and Deputy Mayor Nicole Boutestein were busy serving pastries, coffee and tea to the guests.

The judging took place for the best garden hat contest, door prizes and a thank you pastry was presented to all participants to take with them.

The event was part of the many activities for Seniors’ Week which runs from June 4-11.

Mae Vereschagin

Garden hat winners Carol Perepalkin, Mae Vereschagin and Maureen Purves with event organizer Mary Benson. In the background is singer Karen Lumley

Garden hat winners in the afternoon group Doreen Lundblad, Firmen Borle and Bonnie Milburn.

Performance by the Morinville ABC Club.

Deputy Mayor Nicole Boutestein.

Councillor Barry Turner serving tea and coffee

Pauline Kocsir being poured a beverage from Councillor Dafoe

Ed Bulger performs

Art Krauskopf.

Event organizer Mary Benson with Murray Knight at the microphone.

Paula Nolte, Doreen Lundblad and Hermance Boucher

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