Fred Scharmann Award presented at SRCW

by Lucie Roy

On Tuesday night at the Sturgeon Rural Crime Watch meeting, Craig and his wife Rachel Scharmann and mother Sheila Scharmann presented the 2017 Fred Scharmann Award to Ursula Schnelle and John Dowler.

SRCW President Bonny Swart-Attwood spoke of the commitment to making the community safe and of the more than twenty years of service and outstanding volunteerism that Schnelle and Dowler have given to the community and to SRCW.

Sheila Scharmann said,”I had to smile when you were talking about who is going to look after the float, who is going to pull the float and so on for the parades. The down to basics of your public presence. I smile because Fred was always the one who pull the float. He was also an Auxiliary RCMP member, and as such, that was his job. He was so delighted and proud, not only to represent the RCMP but also to work with SRCW. And I know it is because of people like yourselves and other volunteers in the community that we have such strong community and Fred really strongly believed in that and he would be delighted tonight that his award is presented to such worthy volunteers.”

The Fred Scharmann Award is in recognition of outstanding long time voluntary service with the Sturgeon Rural Crime Watch Association.

The first recipient was Fred Scharmann in 2013, followed by August and Celina Kieser in 2014, Margaret and Wilfred Romanowski in 2015, and Greg Harrison in 2016.

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