Council accepts community grant intake report

by Tristan Turner
Morinville News Correspondent

Following a rapid unanimous vote, Council has accepted for information this quarter’s community grant intake report for information, with limited questions for administration. Following changes to community grant policy approximately a year ago, administration now has the discretion to make decisions on community grant approvals. The reports still come forward to council for information, where Council can suggest changes to approvals, or ask for clarification for administration’s decisions.

In this round, the administration approved two requests for a total of $1,985. Remaining in the budget for the remainder of the year is $7,015 to distribute to future funding requests.

Administration approved both submitted applications at their total requested amount, including $985 to the Morinville Legion for a community open house event, and $1,000 to the Father’s House Church for a family fun event in the Morinville splash park and adjacent property.

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