Cemetery road closure comes into force

by Tristan Turner
Morinville News Correspondent

Following a unanimous vote from Council, the Town of Morinville will be closing a roadway at the northern edge of the Morinville Cemetery.

The roadway is a narrow gravel pathway coming directly off 100 Street providing cemetery access for vehicles.

The road was initially set aside for road widening. Town Administration indicated that the section is not required for road widening, but is required for the cemetery.

Greg Hofmann, Morinville’s Director of Planning and Development, claimed that the roadway was developed without town approval over time, and has been in place for over half a century at the least.
Town staff claims the roadway is seldom used, and following advertising a public hearing on the subject, no objections were made in person or by correspondence to Council. No major public or private bodies with potential interests in the site made any representations to council either way, and Alberta Transportation signed off on the change ahead of Council’s vote.

No comments, debate or amendments were made before a unanimous vote on Second and Third Reading.

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