Legion opens their doors

by Lucie Roy

The Morinville Legion held an Open House on Canada Day with displays in the hall, door prizes, food and karaoke in the Fox Hole Lounge.

The 3061 (1CER) Morinville Royal Canadian Army Cadets had their video of their trip to Vimy playing in the background.

Displays included Fighting for Freedom with a gasoline license and ration coupon book and D-Day.

The NHL Stars Defend Our Allies display had an interesting story from circa 1940s and how the play by play reporting by Foster Hewitt had Canadians glued to their radios during the war.

Every day in the spring following April 1, 1942 the newspapers were filled with coverage of the war in Europe. In those dreary days the Toronto Maple Leafs made a Stanley Cup comeback and lifted the spirits of Canadians from coast to coast.

By the time the war started Hewitt’s Saturday night broadcasts became part of Canadian life for many and it provided a welcome relief from the war.

Some questioned whether young men should be playing sports while others served their country but the number of men involved was small and many found enjoyment in listening to the NHL which permitted them to contribute at a maximum rate.

The Open House went from noon to 6 pm.

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