Province inviting Albertans to have their say on new condominium rules

by Morinville News Staff

Albertans are invited to attend one of five open-house events to provide feedback on condo governance issues. The closest session is July 27 from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. in Edmonton at the Lister Centre, University of Alberta.

The government is seeking input from those who own, operate, or develop condos, and is something the province says will help guide modern, fair laws that protect condo owners and support responsible self-governance of condominium communities.

“I encourage everyone who owns, manages or develops condos to share their ideas and stories with me,” Stephanie McLean, Minister of Service Alberta. “One-quarter of all Albertans live in condos, and it’s important we hear their perspectives as we create fair new rules that work for everyone.”

The province says the engagement sessions allow condo owners, condo corporations, managers and others to suggest improvements to condo board governance issues, including: voting procedures and general meetings, condominium documents, financial considerations, rules, rental deposits, and termination of agreements. Insurance requirements, reserve funds, and condo tribunal to resolve disputes outside the courts will also be covered.

When the open houses are completed, an online survey will be launched based on input from the open houses.

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