Government funding to help prevent family violence for new Albertans

Above: L-R: Irfan Sabir, Minister of Community and Social Services, Jan Fox, executive director, REACH Edmonton and Luketa M’Pindou, executive director, Alliance Jeunesse-Famille de l’Alberta Society.

by Morinville News Staff

The Alberta government is investing more than $600,000 into five community projects to help newcomers who may be affected by family violence. The community agencies is receiving grant funding through the Family and Community Safety Program. Each has developed what the government says are culturally appropriate services that include providing education, increasing awareness, supporting victims and engaging men and boys.

“Family violence devastates individuals and communities, and we all have a responsibility to assist our neighbours who are suffering,” said Irfan Sabir, Minister of Community and Social Services. “On behalf of the Alberta government, I’m pleased to support the good work community agencies are doing to care for new Albertans. Only by working together will we end domestic violence.”

One of the recipient groups is REACH Edmonton. Executive director Jan Fox said the REACH Immigrant and Refugee Initiative – Family Violence Prevention in a Cultural Context – focuses on helping the Syrian, Eritrean, Ethiopian, Filipino, Somali, Sudanese and LGBTQ communities to prevent family violence.

“Our project helps cultural navigators – leaders who are respected by their communities – explore issues that impact family health,” Fox said, adding the organization was grateful to the Alberta government for funding the project.

Other recipients include Alliance Jeunesse-Famille de l’Alberta Society, Multicultural Family Resource Society, Town of Bonnyville, and Valleyview Victims’ Assistance Association.

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  1. What REALLY bothers me is that, while our spendthrift PROVINCIAL government is pi*sing taxpayers money against the wall to convince immigrants not to beat their women, our lying dopey Prime minister’s FEDERAL government is removing from our “Welcome to Canada” immigrant guidelines exactly the same information!

    Bloody incredible!

    Have a nice day

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