Mozeson seeking Ambrose’s seat in Sturgeon River-Parkland

by Stephen Dafoe

Though nominations for Rona Ambrose’s spot have not officially opened yet, Spruce Grove resident and long time Conservative Jamie Mozeson is already out knocking on doors to meet the people she hopes to represent.

The future candidate has a long history in the area, having grown up in Spruce Grove, working in the family’s local business, Peter’s Pizza, and attending the University of Alberta where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.

Mozeson has been back in Alberta since 2013, working in the private sector and later in Premier Prentice’s Office as a policy manager.

She rejoined the Conservative Party as the Alberta Regional Organizer in 2015 and was Target Seat Manager during the 2015 General Election. Mozeson also worked in Stephen Harper’s Prime Minister Office.

“I formed my platform around what I’m hearing at the doors,” Mozeson said, adding she has been campaigning for the past month. “I’ve spoken to hundreds of residents within Sturgeon River-Parkland and frankly what they’re talking to me about are their families, their business, and the energy industry. Those are the issues that I really want to stand up for them on. I want to create jobs by reducing the tax burden on businesses and the families that depend on them.”

Other campaign platforms include protecting Canadian families from threats at home and abroad, supporting Canada’s energy sector, including pipelines to get our resources to tidewater, championing infrastructure spending in the riding to improve access to our local economy., and stand boldly against wasteful government spending.

Mozeson said she is hoping to meet as many Sturgeon River-Parkland residents as possible as she campaigns on their doorsteps. For more information on Jamie Mozeson, visit or contact the campaign office number at 780-930-2927.

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  1. Hopefully she is taking a serious look at the demanding needs of a lot more sewage waste transfer stations for haulers to utilize to dispose of the residential and commercial waste created by huge growth in the region and to regulate the user fees to make it affordable to access and to improve these environment issues of improper waste disposal to protect our lands in this region. This is a serious issue that people love to blame the haulers but the government does not provide funding or services to help provide the disposal services they claim need to be implemented. Step up to the plate government and build what you preach then if you really care about the environment. Sewage is an issue and there is not nearly enough options to haul to in rural regions.

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