Letter: Morinville Councillor offers thanks for past four years

For the past four years, I have been one of seven people representing the residents of Morinville as a Town Councillor. As the election approaches, I have had to sit down with my family and make a decision on whether I will seek re-election or not.

It is with mixed emotion that I announce that I have decided not to seek re-election in the upcoming election.

My decision is one that places my family first after having asked them to let me put my desire to serve ahead of them for the past four years.

I would like to thank my fellow six members of Council for their patience and understanding. Lisa Holmes, Barry Turner, Nicole Boutestein, Stephen Dafoe, Gord Putnam and Brennan FitzGerald have been nothing short of amazing to work with. I sincerely hope that Barry, Nicole, and Stephen are re-elected and encourage everybody to vote for these three exceptionally hard working and intelligent people.

To the Town staff, I give thanks for their incredible work in providing information to us so we could make informed decisions and for making our Town a clean, safe and great place to live. Without you, we wouldn’t have had success. Andrew Isbister has been a great CAO and his upcoming retirement is well deserved.

And finally, thank you to our residents. Whether you voted for me or not, I thought of you when making decisions. It wasn’t always easy, but it was necessary. Our Council did what we believed you both wanted, and what would benefit you the greatest both now and into the future.

I’m proud of the decisions that we made and the work we did together. I will never forget the experiences and the pleasure I had being a public servant.

Thank you and all and best of luck to everybody seeking office in the upcoming election.

Councillor Rob Ladouceur

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