Sarah Hall looking for seat on Morinville’s Council

by Jennifer Lavallee
Morinville News Correspondent

There’s another name to add to the list of those running for Council in Morinville this fall: Sarah Hall. The first-time candidate said she had been thinking about making the jump into local politics since about four years ago when she started to become more engaged in the community.

“The more I got involved, the more interested I became in doing more and more,” she said. “…It’s really light a fire inside me.”

Though she is not running on any one specific platform, Hall did say she wants to bring fresh ideas to the table that could help save budget dollars and would like to look at how some Town policies can be improved. Using the example of undeveloped lands (owned by developers), Hall said when that land just sits there for years with no development, it puts a strain on the Town “…And there’s nothing we can do,” she asserted, stating that type of situation ties up potential new growth in the tax-base and, like for those living in South Glens, can cut-off an entire neighbourhood from the rest of Town.

Thinking of the recreational needs of residents, especially as Morinville continues to grow, Hall also spoke about the soon-to-be-built rec facility and said there are so many opportunities to take advantage of in that project—not only inside the facility but outside on the grounds around it as well. “I think this Council can help bring some innovative ideas to the table,” she remarked, describing new trends in outside rec, such as musical playgrounds and parkour spaces.

“There are some big issues that the Town is going to have to deal with over the next four years,” explained Hall, noting funding for large capital projects and balancing growth with service expectations is top of mind. Hall also said that, if she is elected, she will push for a strong focus on making Morinville the best place to do business, touching on how the Town will need to promote new business growth while continuing to support those that are already established here.

There will be challenges too, said Hall; she knows the learning curve will be steep, if she is elected, but she also knows that this is a role she’s ready to take on. “…And, I’m excited. I really want to get the chance to show what I can help Council accomplish over the next four years.”

Hall has been a vocal supporter of students and youth in Morinville and describes herself as a community builder. For three years she has been the Chair of the School Council at Morinville Public School and has played a big role in organizing the ‘Adopt-a-family’ program as part of an online Facebook group called Morinville’s Marvelous Moms, during the holiday season. Also involved in other committees and boards, Hall was part of the Steering Committee for the Town’s Rec Centre, is the current President of the Morinville Art Club, and is on the U.N. International Women’s Day Awards Committee for Sturgeon County.

Living in Morinville for seven years, Hall is a mother to four kids and said her family helped push her into the decision to run for council. “They’re very supportive; I wouldn’t be able to do this without them,” she expressed. “I love this community, and I want to help make it a great place to live for them and for all residents.”

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