Column: Council ends its four-year term

On Sep. 12, Council concluded their last regularly scheduled council meeting their four-year term, ahead of a new council election to take place next month. Council was presented with a brief video from administration recapping their service throughout their term at the meeting.

This council was lead by Mayor Lisa Holmes and saw service from councillors Nicole Boutestein, Stephen Dafoe, Brennan Fitzgerald, Rob Ladouceur, Gordon Putnam and Barry Turner.

In their term, they oversaw the development of a large new community recreation centre project and underwent a process to select two new school sites. Their term was also notable for their work on Traffic Enforcement policy in Morinville, working through changes to the annual budgeting process, and revisions to major Town policies and visions, including a long-term infrastructure plan and an extensive overhaul of the Town’s Animal Control Bylaw.
The term was notable for both cooperation and conflict with Administration on different files, most notably involving the early termination of the Town’s Chief Administrative Officer halfway through their term, to be replaced by the Chief Financial Officer, Andrew Isbister.

Flair ups in vision between council and administration on the Town’s photo radar policy were frequent. That said, many major files and revisions were handled collaboratively between council and administration, including many major Area Structure Plan revisions to accommodate continuing growth, as well as school site selection projects and a major Organizational Effectiveness and Efficiency Review.

Other major projects from council included a renewal of the relationship between the Town of Morinville and Sturgeon County, including the signing of a new cost-sharing agreement for regional facilities, and a new communication strategy, as well as the Regional Emergency Response plan, which was passed by Council at their last meeting.

Going into the next municipal election, Councillors Boutestein and Dafoe have publicly announced their intention to run again for council, Dafoe for what would be his second term, Boutestein for her third. Councillor Turner has also announced his intention to run for Mayor following his five terms on Council.

Residents interesting in serving on Morinville’s highest municipal body have between 10 a.m. and noon on Sept. 18 to submit their nominations.

– Tristan Turner

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