Town launches frisbee golf, and Nature Kids plant trees on course

Above: Andrew Boissonnault trying out disc golf Wednesday night at Montreux Park.

– Lucie Roy Photo

by Lucie Roy
Morinville News Correspondent

The Town of Morinville launched disc golf at Montreux Park, located north of the Morinville Community High School, Wednesday night.

The park has nine holes of disc or frisbee golf or frisbee golf. The aim is to have the disc land in the basket with the lowest number of throws. The game is played using rules similar to golf.

The discs used for disc golf are designed and shaped for control, speed and accuracy.

Above: Carter and Benn Fingler were the first to try the disc golf.

There are a variety of discs, and they fall into three categories: the drivers for long range, the all-purpose mid range discs and a floppy disc for the basket, like the putter in golf.

But as a golf course has trees lining its fairways, so too does frisbee golf.

Members of the Morinville and Area Nature Kids gathered at Montreux Park Wednesday night to plant trees.

The goal of the special Family Nature Night was to plant more than 65 trees to help beautify the park and the disc golf course.

Leanne Boissonnault, Chapter Leader for Morinville and Area Nature Kids, said they had Chokecherry, Pin Cherry, Trembling Aspen and White Spruce to plant.

Joining in the event was Nature Kids Program Coordinator Zoe MacDougall.

The event took place on National Tree Day, which takes place on the Wednesday of National Forest Week in September.

On March 2, 2011, a private members motion was made to declare National Tree Day, which serves as a celebration for all Canadians to appreciate the many benefits that trees provide.

Andrew and Leanne Boissonnault planting a tree

Andrew Boissonnault and Stephen Dafoe planting a tree

Skylar and Leanne Boissonnault helping Nicole Boutestein plant a White Spruce

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