Alberta Culture Days in Morinville

Above: Three-year-old Shea Mercer works on a piece of pie plate art with his mom on Friday night at a Morinville Art Club event at the cultural centre.

Below: a group of artists work their magic Friday night.

Stephen Dafoe Photos

Alberta Culture Days took place throughout the province over the weekend. Morinville’s contribution included a number of activities for all ages.

Naji Matta helps Claire Bunt work on her portion of the community art project at the library Saturday. The painting will be completed by the Morinville artist and mounted in the library.

Earlier Claire Bunt worked on a string art project to create a feather design.

Participants had the option of making a feather or an Alberta map. – Submitted Photos

The string art table at work.

Shea Mercer and mom work on some string art.

Morinville artist Diane Etcheverry stands by her display of art at the cultural centre Friday night.

Stacey Buga volunteered at the concession for Friday night’s Family Movie Night – Spark: A Space Tale. About 70 showed up for the event.

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