Ask-a-Candidate: Morinville Councillor Candidates answer a simple question: Why them?

With the municipal election a little under one week away, candidates are no doubt preparing for a final push to earn your vote. They’ve knocked on doors and put up signs, they’ve answered questions up on stage at the MCCC and talked, one-on-one, with residents at the library. Each of the candidates are hoping you will see them as the best person for the job, and they’ve been out in the community trying to tell you why.

In our final installment of the Morinville News’ three part “Ask-a-Candidate” series, we asked each of the Councillor candidates running in the Morinville election why, at the end of the day, people should pick them for a spot on Council.

What sets you apart from the other candidates? Why do you deserve a vote?

Nicole Boutestein, incumbent (2 terms):

I have the experience and I know it takes hard work, motivation and commitment to be effective at this job. I am not afraid to take on new challenges or ask the questions and seek results. I work for you so I am here to listen and to be your voice.

Rebecca Balanko, first-time candidate:

I can’t recall a time when I wasn’t engaged in my community. I am present and supportive. When I thought about my answer, I realize how often people have sought me out for a referral, a support or an ear willing to listen. If I can help, I will. I am willing to walk the walk for our community and have proven this year after year.

I deserve your vote because I am a woman of action, who meets my social and supportive responsibilities of the community diligently and with pride. I have a big heart and great warmth for the members of our near 10,000 residents. In closing, life is not about what we get, it’s about what we give. I am ready to face challenges, problem solve, share kindness, invest further in our community and plan for the future. I want the very best for our Town and that is why I need your vote.

Lawrence Giffin, second-time candidate:

I may not be the best candidate but I love this town, I am willing to work hard, I will listen to our citizens, I have no personal agenda and I believe that the best idea wins, no matter who it comes from.

Stephen Dafoe, incumbent (1 term):

Whether I deserve a vote is up to the voter, but I would hope that residents of this community have seen over the past four years that I take this role and responsibility seriously, and am fully committed to the job they have entrusted me with. I hope that they have seen that whatever the question or concern and whatever the medium it is asked, I’ll always do my best to get them an answer or help. It may not be the one they want to hear, but it will be factual, honest and sincere.

Scott Richardson, first-time candidate:

My diverse background makes me an ideal candidate. I have a Journeyman Electrical Certificate, I am a Certified in Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Processes and I am licensed to deal in mortgages in Alberta (Mortgage Broker).

So how will my experiences make me an ideal candidate? I have in-depth knowledge with the Alberta codes and regulations and my expertise could be relied on when dealing with issues related. I have years of experience in policy/procedure writing and review. I have ample experience in evaluating risk and compiling a plan to eliminate or mitigate the risks and I have extensive knowledge in budgeting and forecasting. Community volunteerism and owning a local business engages me with a large population of Morinville. This engagement gives me insight to the community needs, I feel that I have a good understanding of systemic community issues people are facing. These are all key attributes for town councillor.

Sarah Hall, first-time candidate:

My top priority has always been to be a part of building the family and community I love, and to see it become the best it can be. You will never have to ask if I am all in. I have made a commitment and I always give all of myself to anything I commit to. I am passionate about our community and our future. I may not be the best speaker, storyteller or wordsmith, but my actions have always spoken louder than words (as is evident in my advocacy, volunteer work and community initiatives). I am asking the residents of Morinville to vote for me on October 16th because I have nothing to gain, but everything to give.

Neil McDougall, first-time candidate:

I don’t believe there’s another candidate with the longevity of public service and the desire to serve the concerns and wishes of the residents as a whole, who I will represent if elected. For this reason, I ask for their vote.

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