Morinville haunts – and Halloween safety tips

Above is a video of some of Morinville’s Halloween decorating skills, and below are some Halloween safety tips from RCMP for trick-or-treaters and homeowners.

Trick-or-Treaters should:

· Carry a flashlight and wear reflective pieces, so that you are easily visible to traffic.
· Ensure any masks do not impair your vision or hearing. Consider wearing makeup instead of a mask for better visibility.
· Stay on the sidewalks.
· If there is no sidewalk, walk along the shoulder, or along the property line.
· Stay on one side of the road until you can cross safely at a crosswalk.
· Hold your parent, or identified guardian’s hand and WALK across the crosswalk when it is safe.
· Don’t cut across yards or driveways.
· Use a flashlight so you can see where you are going.
· Travel with a group of friends, if mature enough to be out unsupervised, and stay in familiar neighbourhoods.
· Tell your parents your trick-or-treating route.
· Dress warm enough for the weather.
· Attend houses that are well lit outside, as this usually identifies participation in the Halloween holiday.
· Never enter a stranger’s house, or vehicle.
· Have all candy checked by an adult if you have any allergies.
· Have an adult check the candy to confirm it is from a reputable candy brand name company, and that it has not been tampered with.

Homeowners should:

· Ensure your house is well lit.
· Keep pets indoors, and away from trick-or-treaters.
· Keep walkways obstacle free.
· Report any suspicious activities to the police.
· Be comfortable and confident with who you open your door to.

Drivers should:

· Driver sober.
· Avoid residential areas while trick-or-treaters are out.
· Slow down and watch for children that may be using crosswalks.
· Be alert for any children on the road.
· Do not drive while wearing costumes that could impeded your vision, hearing, or ability to operate a motor vehicle properly.

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